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Submission Guidelines

Short, sweet, and to the point

  • No more than 15 minutes in length
  • Only cover one topic. If multiple topics to share, make multiple videos.
  • Always think, “Can I say this with less words?”
  • Know that your audience is other educators.
  • Speak to them as though you were sharing a quick presentation to colleagues in the teacher’s lounge.

We want to make creating and sharing videos with your colleagues simple, fun, engaging, and ultimately, helpful.

  • Music, intro, and title slides are features that are not necessary.
  • One video a month will be selected to go through a full professional production with all the bells and whistles.
  • All you should do is focus on helpful quality content.
  • Introduce yourself, your position and location, and state the main idea or topic you will discuss. 
  • Be sure the information you share is reliable. 
  • Speak clearly, with appropriate volume and cadence. If possible have the content internalized so you do not have to read it. Speaking in a relational and natural way is best and most engaging.  
  • If your video includes students, please be sure they have given their consent to be in this (internal use only) video either verbally, in writing, or with some form of parent permission
  • If your video displays student names be sure that last names are not visible.   (You may include first letter of last name if necessary) 
  • Avoid self-advertisement of personal ventures, but please boast about educational success.
  • Avoid behavior that goes against the code of conduct outlined in your employee handbook.


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